Industry Comments

“I was highly impressed with both the caliber of the talent and their professionalism. It was obvious that they had excellent training!
Rita M Harrell - Big Picture Casting

"Premiere Actor’s Network is one of People Store’s most trusted resources for vibrant and well-trained new talent. Dwayne Boyd has been excellent in his commitment to his student’s growth and development. His method is fun and effective. Some of our most successful actors are PAN students that were discovered at PAN showcases."

Rick Estimond - Vice President, The People Store

"This is a great place for actors to consistently come to and work on their craft. That is how it is done in LA. Dwayne has brought that same work ethic to Atlanta."
Will Packer - Producer (The Gospel, Stomp the Yard, Ride Along)

"At PAN they do the work to create honest moments. Dwayne has started a movement that will definitely have a voice in the entertainment industry."
Robert Townsend - Actor/ Filmmaker (The Five Heartbeats, The Parenthood)

"Dwayne's knowledge and insight into acting is astounding. He's great at guiding actors into exploring their deepest and most thought provoking choices."
Wendell Bennet/LA Actor

"As a member of P.A.N. I have grown so much as an actor. Dwayne is someone who pushes everyone to perform at their best and won't except anything less. I recommend that any actor, who is striving for excellence in their craft, train with him. Dwayne will do his absolute best to get you there. I am proof of that"
Michael Senior-Actor

“The Premier Actors Network is revolutionizing entertainment in Atlanta. Not only has P.A.N enhanced my talent as an actress, but also motivated my interest in directing, producing, and filmmaking as a whole.”
Arianne Price-Actress

“I have studied at a couple of other places in the city and in college, and I have never had an experience with the process was so tangible and clear. I feel like I can go into any audition and have a well to pull from. Not only give 110%, but to actually get the job. I never felt like that before. Our teacher is amazing, and everyone is there to work. I am constantly engaged and challenged, and I love that! It is the only way I feel like I can grow. I am thankful this opportunity is here for me and I plan to take full advantage of it.”
Towanna Stone-Actress, former agent Real People

“I think the acting program is wonderful in that it enables young actors to interact with their peers, network, and refine their craft. These are all important tools in furthering their careers in the business. I’ve seen several students become inspired and strikeout on their on.”
Rob Hardy-Director-Power, How to get away with Murder, Flash, Stomp the Yard 2, Criminal Minds

I just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed your showcase!  It really is the best one I have been to here in Atlanta.  The atmosphere was nice, the monologues were original, well-written, and entertaining, the music was great and coordinated with the theme or message of each monologue, the food looked wonderful (wish I could have stayed around to enjoy it), and the talent was really fantastic!
Joy Pervis-Agent J Pervis Talent Agency Owner